What kinds of choirs are at RHS?

There is a something for everyone in the RHS choir department - varying degrees of experience, time commitment, and requirements for each ensemble. Not all groups require a prepared audition. Some you just show up to your audition time and are guided through an "audition" so the director can get to know you, your voice, and your experience level. 

        RHS CONCERT CHOIR: Our large auditioned competition group (audition materials below), requires rehearsals and performances outside the school day and regular school concerts.


        VOCAL FUSION: Small a cappella group pulled from Concert Choir. Auditions are live and only those already in Concert Choir can participate. Requires a high degree of musicianship and independent practice and includes extensive performance schedule outside school.


        NEW VOICE: This group is an all-inclusive singing and movement class that focuses on pairing typical singers with DLC students who love music. Peer singers and their partners learn music together, learn movements to go with the performance, and perform at all school choir concerts. Anyone who wants to sing with this group can - the more the merrier! No experience required. 

        CANTAMUS: Our large treble voice ensemble. Audition required, but no preparation for the audition necessary. 

        MEN OF NOTE: Our large tenor/bass ensemble. Audition required, but no preparation for the audition necessary.

Audition Materials

Below are the audition materials and the ensembles to which they apply. Again, there is no audition for New Voice, and for Cantamus or Men of Note, no preparation is necessary. The director can walk you through the materials. The portions below that apply to Men of Note or Cantamus auditions are marked with a star (*).


Range Exercises*

Finding Lowest Note - "Take Me Home, Oh Take Me Home" (do-re-mi---fa-mi-re-do)

Finding Highest Note - "I Sigh to Sing" arpeggios (sol-do'-sol-mi-do)

Chromatic Scale

Starting on a Bb below middle C - do, di, re, ri, mi, fa, fi, sol, si, la, li, ti, do... then back down again, with hand signs

Aural Skills*

The director plays 3-8 notes on the piano, you repeat it back to her on a neutral syllable like "loo" or "la."

America The Beautiful

Sing the melody below without piano. You will be given a starting pitch.

Sight Reading

You'll be given an eight-bar sight reading exercise, starting pitch/scale, and up to 60 seconds to study it before attempting.


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