4/14/20 Update

Since yesterday's update, we have received notice that we will not be using online video conferencing in this school district for the time being due to a hacking incident yesterday. The rest of the information below is still accurate, we will just be having to find alternative communication methods. For the time being, I will be available by phone and email during designated "class times" if you need any help with your SmartMusic assignments. 

If you call during those times and I do not pick up, I am probably on the phone with another student. Leave a message and I will call you back! I won't recognize who it is by the phone number, there are too many of you. Thanks for being patient as we figure out all this craziness!


4/13/20 Update

Sadly, the remainder of the 2019-20 school year has been moved entirely to distance learning and we will not be returning to the classroom. Today we started our regular distance learning schedule for periods 1-4. Periods 5-7 will be meeting tomorrow online. 

Online Schedule

According to directions given by ODE, Roseburg High School has adopted the following online meeting schedule. The choirs and guitar class will meet with Miss Cherry at those times via Zoom. To receive the Zoom invitation with passwords, contact Miss Cherry. There may be a time when these meeting times aren't "required" for everyone all the time, but for now, assume you need to be there at the beginning of every required class period! It won't necessarily go the full hour.


12pm First Period

1pm Second Period

2pm Third Period

3pm Fourth Period


12pm Fifth Period

1pm Sixth Period

2pm Seventh Period

3pm Office Hours

Google Classroom Codes

Google Classroom codes are below. Each Monday by 8am there will be a new Google Doc in each classroom's materials describing the week's tasks on SmartMusic and independent work. 

Period 1: ng7oc3d

Period 2: bmo4sdu

Period 3: zsxnpqh

Period 4: m37t5dh

Period 6: ewnh3fe

Period 7: h5vc7d

SmartMusic Class Codes and Help

SmartMusic Class Codes are below. Take note: Google Chrome is required for this online software to function, and it will not function on a phone, only a tablet or computer. 

Period 1: PUWQK-WKE7N

Period 2: TA7MD-AKVHU

Period 3: WQWLV-R2J7U


Period 6: ETCXW-GF2LP


Additional Optional Classes

The coursework above is specific and limited, no more than 5-15 minutes per day. For musicians looking to expand their skills on their own time, the following courses are offered. Feel free to "sign up" by entering the Google Classroom code, but the course itself will not begin until April 20th! We will be setting up Friday Q and A sessions for each class via Zoom.

MUSIC FUNDAMENTALS (GC code - uhgjvhm): basic music reading, staff, clefs, note names, note types/values, meter, time signatures, solfege, key signatures, dynamics, tempo, vocabulary

MUSIC THEORY (GC code - adzsi65): intervals, triads, seventh chords, cadences, four-part voice leading and analysis, modes, relevant music history and composition samples, chord progression analysis, rhythmic and melodic devices, aural skills, secondary chords, and more

KEYBOARD FUNDAMENTALS (GC code - d67oqwl): basic keyboard skills, note names, scales... the goal being to be able to one day play your own part and teach it to yourself

AUDITION PREPARATION (Il47drm): preparing various elements of an audition from a capella melodies to chromatic scales and sight reading

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